January 23, 2008

Update on California's SB777; a Very Confused Law

You might remember just a couple weeks back I mentioned that California's governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed SB 777 in to law putting homosexuality on equal footing with heterosexuality in matters of public education. The people of California failed to obtain the nearly half a million signatures to put it to referendum.

The new law means that a student’s sex is no longer determined by genetic make up but rather as his or her “gender identity." In other words, in California, you are no longer a boy or girl based on how the genes were doled out and expressed at birth but rather what you feel about yourself. So if you feel you're a boy but you are a girl by birth, according to law, you are now a boy. I can hardly believe I am writing this it seems so unbelievable not to mention absurd but it is what it is.

Arguably there is far more empirical evidence as to the reality of one's physiological make-up than there is one's professional make-up. So what I want to do now is carry this asinine view of biological reality to other aspects of the realities of life.

Why can't we have SB 778 which, like SB 777 in the absence of all reason, would redefine one's occupation based not on degrees, training, certification and experience, but on one's feelings about who they are in the work place?

Under SB 778: Overheard at LAX: Governor, this is your Pilot, Pat who just finished high school. He has a neat little set of pin-on wings and a really cool U.S. Airways hat! He's never flown any type of aircraft but he will be your pilot today; he says he really feels like an aviator…"

Overheard at UCLA Medical Center: "Okay Governor, we're ready for your appendectomy. Bruce here, who just walked in off the street, said he feels like a doctor today and is really sincere and excited about doing your surgery."

I am willing to bet the Governor would be less than cooperative. What one feels about one's gender does not change the reality of who they are anymore than it changes the reality of what they can do and no one would stand for such a thing; yet SB 777 remains law for now.

This "Terminator" governor deserves to have his political career terminated for acute stupidity.


Blogger Michael Ejercito said...

Why do I suspect that there would be hundreds of female lesbians trapped in male bodies popping up?

2:21 PM  
Blogger Matt Sargent said...

That took me a minute to grasp, but yeah - that would be problematic, even from a pragmatic viewpoint. Will we now need to have 4 sets of public bathrooms: Men, Women, Men-who-were/wannabe-women, and Women-who-were/wannabe-men? I wonder what 'Jenny' Boylan does over at Colby??? I certainly wouldn't want my wife sharing the 'facilities' with a he-she-it...

10:17 PM  
Blogger Michael Ejercito said...

I remember when I was sixteen.

If such a policy were in place then, allowing people to define their own gender, I and every male classmate would have become female lesbians in male bodies.

11:00 PM  

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