September 15, 2007

The Party of No Shame, Shamelessly Continues

That this country of ours is in a world of hurt is a redundancy. This nation's leadership has truly become irrelevant in the sense that nothing--and I mean absolutely nothing--that proceeds out of our elected representatives' mouths is worth listening to because it is absolutely unreliable. While Republicans are not above political posturing, Democrats have become so desperate that in my heart of hearts, I believe they will, and have sold out their countrymen, lock, stock and barrel for a chance to gain the illusion of power.

Before the report by the war's leading and unanimously appointed general was given, Charles Schumer stated, (paraphrasing) "that the relative peace in Anbar is not because of the surge but in spite of it. The military's incompetence has enabled the war lords to take over and that is why there is relative peace."

Schumer tried to back track on that statement but some things spoken cannot be taken back. Why this man hasn't been tried for treason is inexplicable.

When the New York Times ran an ad sponsored by which read, "General Petraeus or General Betray Us" people with souls were indignant. When it was clear that such unpatriotic and treasonous notions were not going to play well with the public, only then did Democratic senators start to criticize the ad. But the damage had already been done; damage that had been anticipated by and hoped for by the party of no shame.

From web log "" an anonymous Democratic senator said, "'No one wants to call [Petraeus] a liar on national TV. The expectation is that the outside groups will do this for us."

Every Democrat I heard speak, trashed Petraeus' assessment in Iraq, accused him of lying for the president and cooking the books in favor of Bush's surge, many before he had even given the report.

How can a society continue in any kind of sane way when its leaders are demonstrated traitors, liars, and reprobates, of the lowest order?

The mechanisms to insure domestic tranquility have been upended and the party of the scurrilous condemn anything and everything that does not fit with their personal agenda. These demi-gods are so taken with their brilliance and wisdom that they lie, cheat and steal and sleep fine at night believing that they alone are the omniscient, sovereign caretakers of the world.

Yes this nation is in a world of hurt.


Blogger Reddogg said...

You forgot to mention how the New York Times so fairly gave a discount of over $100,000 on the full page ad. I'm sure they would have done the same if a pro-Petraeus advocacy group wanted to take out a full-page ad.

Article 1

Article 2 (NY Post)

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