September 15, 2007

Another Christian Club Bites the Dust

Let's play pretend today. Pretend that in Anytown, U.S.A. a Muslim group of high school students wanted to start an "Islamic Club." The school allows other such "non-academic" clubs to meet so that would not be an issue. But now let's pretend that this Islamic Club had a code of conduct that was, er, uh, well, Muslim? Actually you couldn't imagine anything different; no pretending there.

But let's say the club's by-laws required members to sign a statement endorsing the Koran? Again--no pretending there; that would go without saying. So let's pretend that the Islamic Club would be concerned that its very name would exclude other religions and were willing to change the name to something more embracing of other beliefs.

Okay, now you would have to pretend because that would never happen. And let's pretend that the school forbid the Islamic Club to form because it was discriminatory against other religions for the reasons stated. Again--you'd really have to pretend because THAT would never happen. The Islamic Club would receive, if anything, favored and special status if not flat out endorsement by the high school.

But now take the exact same scenario only making it a Christian Club. Well shucks and by golly, the 9th circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the Christian Club of Kentridge High School in Kent, Washington declaring it to be discriminatory for the very reasons already stated.

How dare a Christian Club actually have a Christian code of conduct and require its members to pledge their allegiance to the Bible?

But for now the 9th Circus Court--which is a laughing stock more often than not--has disallowed the Christian Club. Advocates for the club however are intending to take this all the way to the Supreme Court and well they should. It will not stand but it is a travesty that hundreds of thousands of dollars will be required to litigate what will be an unquestionable slam dunk for the Christian students and legal fees should be part of the judgment. Only then will this anti-Christian bigotry cease.

Jesus said, these kinds of things would happen, granted, but Christians still have the same rights under the Constitution as anyone else. We can be civil and even polite Christians, without forfeiting our legal rights as citizens. The apostle Paul pressed his rights as a citizen and so must we--while it is still legal to do so.


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You might want to take a look at this:

Nebraska state senator suing God to make a point about frivolous lawsuits.

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