June 01, 2007

How About a "Thank you" Instead?

Rachel Smith stepped out onto the stage in Mexico City who hosted this year's Miss Universe Pageant. The boo's commenced immediately. Ms. Smith was representing the good old, generous, benevolent, compassionate America that contributes millions upon millions of dollars each year to the ungrateful, hypocritical, brats of our south of the border complainers.

Where's the thanks for America's generosity which was ($34 million last year) directly and indirectly, and for America's billions contributed through illegal immigrants whom this country ignores, coddles and cajoles?

Never mind America's going to bat incessantly for Mexico at the United Nations. (Remember the $50 BILLON bail out a dozen years ago? That was at America's urging.)

I am fed up with the whining, sniveling, poor of the world always back stabbing us and always complaining we are power-crazed, imperialists, and blah, blah, wahhh.

It's really a good thing I'm not president of the purse strings; things would be much different in the world. And what about the hypocrisy of these nations that criticize and protest our immigration policies?

Mexico has the toughest immigration laws on the continent. If we adopted half, no make that, a tenth of the rules for immigration that Mexico currently has and enforces, we would be deluged with cries of racism, bigotry and imperial arrogance even more than we are. I am sick of it.

How come there's one set of rules for the world and one for America? I say ENOUGH. No mater what we do it is unappreciated, and wrong. Since when did we become the slave of the global masters who seem to think we exist to supply everyone else's material demands?

That we need immigration reform is obvious. The President's solution is financially absurd but then the whole wretched government is so messed up what difference does it make what we do? We have laws that mean nothing; where no laws exist, we create them through the courts, and the laws which are sane, are either ignored or enforced by fiat at the whim of those with the power. What we have is organized, national anarchy. Maybe it is time to move to that commune; but where would we go? How about Mexico? Oh I forgot, we'd never be able to get in.


Blogger Matt Sargent said...

wow... I agree, but I don't know what to say... should we be encouraging believers to get more politically involved on a local level?

10:43 PM  

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