May 29, 2007

Bigotry and Bias Behind Teacher's Denial of Tenure

Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez is not an idiot. He's not simplistic, he's not anti-intellectual. What he is, is FIRED--or might as well be!

Gonzalez is an astronomer and until recently was a professor at Iowa State. Never mind that he is the author of the book The Privileged Planet, has 68 published, peer reviewed, scientific articles to his credit, and has authored a college level textbook. Forget that he was the mastermind of the research that led to the discovery of two planets. Gonzalez committed the unpardonable sin at least to those who are the always open-minded geniuses of the kingdom of atheist academia.

Gonzales happens to believe--because the scientific process leads him to such a conclusion, that the world was brought forth by intelligent design. Oh the shame of it all; how can anyone with half a brain believe in God? Gonzales' work on behalf of I.D. never occurred in the classroom; it was always on his time. But when you're a godless liberal--pardon the repetition and redundancy-- J you cannot allow such a heretical view for it only heightens their culpability before the God that doesn't exist. Like the soviet atheist being questioned whether he believes in God or not exasperated protested, "God knows I don't!"

Now lest you think that perhaps there's a misunderstanding in his denial of tenure--which is tantamount to being fired, members of the astronomy department responsible for his fate admitted that his views on I.D. influenced their decision. And being the good man Gonzales is, he wasn't even going to fight his denial. But friends convinced him that he needed to in order to stop the precedent it might set if he allowed it to go unchallenged.

So he is appealing and if the university has any common sense at all, they will astutely acknowledge that their prejudices about people of faith will be shredded in the courts. I hope the good teacher gets a whopping settlement so he can retire and write another book on--Intelligent Design.


Blogger Matt Sargent said...

yeah - let's tolerate anything and everything except the Judeo-Christian world-view or values... we wouldn't want to be TOO open-minded :)

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