May 25, 2007

Another Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day; it used to be called Decoration Day but was changed to reflect the honoring of those who had given the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country.

In case it glides to quickly through the sieve of your mind let me remind you that the ultimate sacrifice means the giving or forfeiting of one's life for the cause of freedom as codified in our nation's guide--The Constitution of the United States.

Memorial Day as with Veteran's Day, and Independence Day ought to be among the biggest celebrations of the year. That they are not, is telling about the low state of our country's assessment of the vision of America.

In universities across this once great land, students are given a comprehensive and endless indoctrination about the wicked America that inserts itself in places around the globe where it has no business going.

A woman recently asked me exasperated, "Why we are in Iraq with all that's going on Darfur." A good question on the surface and if the purpose of our military was to be the policemen of the world, the question is even more valid. But that is not why we have a military.

We have a military expressly trained to kill people and break things; specifically people who want to do harm to Americans and the American way of life. Personally I wish we were in Darfur, but the reality is the citizens of Darfur are not bent on blowing up America.

And NO! it's not about oil. It is about the cherished way of life in America; a life that the world so envies that thousands upon thousands risk their lives each year sneaking across deserts, strapping themselves to rafts, cramming themselves into trucks just for the chance to get across our border and experience America for themselves.

And the greatest disservice taking place as I write, are the treasoness statements issuing out of Washington D.C. It would be great--actually it would be heaven if a national defense wasn't necessary, but the sinfulness of mankind necessitates its existence and I thank God Almighty for all those in our country's past who have given the ultimate sacrifice for all our good pleasures and freedom. And I am shamed by the conduct of our national leaders who are elected to preserve our liberty and are actually this nation's greatest threat.


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