May 29, 2007

Falwell a Misunderstood Giant by Liliputian Liberals

Jerry Falwell dies just about one week ago. Falwell was controversial even among the Christian community and Falwell was known to say some silly, if not, over the top things like the incident about Teletubbies. Hey who hasn't said some pretty stupid things in their life? But for the most part, it is undeniable that Falwell made his mark in American History and in the history of the church. It was Falwell after all who spurred the believing segment of the population into a political force. That could be either a great thing or a not so great thing depending on your politico-Christian perspective and the role of Christians in politics.

But for everything else Falwell stood for, he stood for the "faith once for all delivered to the saints." That Jesus Christ was the Way, the Truth, and the Life was the unmistakable motivation of Falwell's life and the Bible is God's inspired, infallible and authoritative Word was also un mistakable and that is why he was hated. Or maybe you think "hatred" is too strong a word.

Well, consider the following sampling of comments from the blogosphere concerning Falwell's demise.

"Seriously, he is an insensitive, close-minded, bigot who lived in constant fear of hell. There is no better religion to keep the dull minded endlessly occupied. Say hi to Hitler!"

Sensitively put don't you think?

Referring to the date of his death another sensitive person wrote: "What a great day for humanity May 15th has become."

Yet another:

"At this moment, Jerry Falwell is sitting at the gates of heaven, and St Peter is going 'Sorry, mate, hatred and intolerance disqualify you from entry. You're headed to the Other Place. Bad Luck.' What a happy, happy thought."

Even the first "news" alert reported in the Kennebec Journal on line, the brief three sentence or so side bar managed to also mention that Falwell had been invited to a Peek's Island dedication of a 200 year old Baptist Church, some on the island were upset because of his comments regarding homosexuality and abortion and other moral issues.

One day--the truth--the real TRUTH will be known about ALL of "this." And as the Bible says, it will be a time of wailing and gnashing of teeth, but not by those who, like Falwell, knew the one true Savior of mankind and who stuck his neck out trying to minimize the number of those who will be wailing and gnashing their teeth. Despite what the media likes to portray, Christians do not gloat over and are not desiring of those who will perish without Jesus. But we are human and we do say things that we wished we hadn't but at the end of the day, our very existence is with a view to trying to prevent people from going to hell, not celebrating when they do.


Blogger Matt Sargent said...

Thanks for sticking up for Jerry... I've had the same embarrassed supporter feelings about him that I have for the CCL of ME - I'm glad that they've been so active and vocal, I just cringe whenever they make a big gaffe. It's good to be reminded that nobody's perfect.

10:51 PM  

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