February 04, 2007

The "News" Isn't!

If "no news, is good news" then there's good news abounding these days!

I am a news junky or at least used to be. Keeping abreast of the times of our day is what enables me to preach the way I do relating God's wisdom to our world--our real world that is profoundly messed up.

When FOX News came in to my life I was elated. A broadcast on world and local affairs that actually gave a semblance of balance from the highly biased and godlessly slanted reporting of the past when the networks ruled the airwaves was a god send.

I even broke down and procured cable TV almost solely for the alternative news that came with Fox. But alas, there is a change a foot.

Watching the news these days--any news including Fox--is like waiting in line at the grocery store and perusing the tabloids to see what movie star is having a baby or having a break down.

Somewhere along the line, Fox News has lost its focus on real news and is catering to the lowest common denominator of human intellect and curiosity.

Anna Nicole Smith's tragedy was and still is covered beyond importance and frankly, bore little importance even when she lost her son. It was important to her; not the world.

John Gibson used to be fairly articulate bringing important stories to the fore. Recently though his big grabber was for a story on American Idol. And it was a long story.

When a Press conference is convened for something which might be legitimate news, Fox covers it round the clock--no matter the information is irrelevant!

Bill O'Reilly now features a "body language expert" analyzing one of his recent guests or O'Reilly himself. Body language is fun as a party novelty but it isn't science.

Tune in now and I think you'll still find Greta Van Susteren combing the beaches of Aruba.

I think Rosie and Donald and Barbara still pop up now and again but occupied the airwaves with nothing but useless tripe. The original story warranted no coverage whatsoever except to the mentally impaired who have very small lives and even smaller I Q's

Paul said, "Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, that it may give grace to those who hear." Ephes. 4:29

I know the news isn't what he was talking about but the point needs to be taken; is this useful, is it building me up; will it help me to help someone else. At least for starters--give it a try.


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