December 07, 2006

Hollywood's Only Green when It Comes To MONEY!

I always enjoy it immensely when the loudest, meanest, nastiest, critics of our time are shown to be who they really are. For example, last week another study revealed that for all the caterwauling the liberal left does about religious right’s lack of benevolence, compassion and charity, the religious right is far more generous, in every way, than the libs who only talk a good game of it.

But this commentary isn’t about charity. It’s about the liberal left’s boisterous crusades against the President in particular and conservatives in general for raping and pillaging their dear mother earth.

Low and behold the University of California at Los Angeles better known as UCLA, concluded a study finding that one of the largest polluters and contributors to defacing mother earth is none other than—I hear trumpets sounding—the loudmouths of Hollywood who take such pride in deriding conservatives for being so calloused to such grave issues.

According to the study, get this—it is the film and television industry whose activities contribute more to air pollution in the five county area of Los Angeles than is individually produced by aerospace manufacturing, apparel, hotels and semiconductor manufacturing. The only industry that was worse was the folks in petroleum..

One ironic illustration of the hypocrisy of Hollywood’s elites is that in making the film “The Day After Tomorrow”-- a propaganda spectacular about the horrors of global warming—these environmentally sensitive elites produced 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Lisa Day, spokeswoman for Participant Productions which worked on offsetting carbon emissions from the making of "An Inconvenient Truth," (That was Al Gore’s piece of field fodder) said, “she was a little surprised by the study's findings.” There’s conviction for you.

Ted Reiff, president of ReUse People of America, makes a living attempting to get Hollywood to be more environmentally friendly but he said, "They're not green at all except when they're forced to be…" Warner Brothers refused comment. Imagine that! One thing is certain and this is no surprise, the only time Hollywood is truly “Green” is when you’re talking about MONEY!

So the next time you see Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, and the myriad of Hollywood big mouths who love excoriating the rest of us, just think, “Put up or shut up!” And then click the remote.


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