October 29, 2010

Tuesday is Election Day and Hope Springs Eternal

48 hours and we could witness a substantial act of mercy on God’s part by greatly hampering the powers of a government gone awry. These United States have been marked by unprecedented freedoms, founded on the principals of a Judeo-Christian ethic. This is why we have succeeded. In recent years, those principles have been eroded or upended. One could argue "they" have been well-intentioned. That could be, but to rephrase a well worn cliché, “The road to destruction is sometimes paved with good intentions.”

America is not only on a bad course; it is on a course for an utter deconstruction of what it means to be American. No nation should be compelled to shy away from a national pride, especially when the nation is the most generous of any nation on the earth--by FAR. Our children need not be ashamed of its heritage and we should not have to apologize to anyone because we speak the language native to our country.

The upcoming election is not the answer to America’s woes; but God designed government (Romans 13) to constrain oppression and injustice. We are not a perfect country to be sure, and we need to improve on its character. But its character must be shaped after the image of God, not after the image of ideologues—liberal or conservative—for real change will only come one soul at a time as changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. So let us go forth as faithful Americans, and more, as faithful followers of Christ to the glory of God


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