September 04, 2007

Holiday Inn Discriminates Against Christians

Everyone knows the name Holiday Inn. But not everyone knows the level of their Christophobic paranoia but hopefully many will soon.

Holiday Inn has never been very family friendly. Years ago there was a nationwide boycott against them due to their policies regarding in-room pornography. As far as I know, nothing changed.

So when American's For Truth looked for a city and banquet space for their annual meeting, the Holiday Inn of Naperville, Il. signed them right up. The reservation had been secured for several weeks and the menu was already being set. This was your standard business arrangement; nothing complicated until the possibility of homosexual harassment entered the equation.

When Holiday Inn learned that hosting the event could possibly draw protests from homosexual Christophobes, the hotel bailed on the organization. Note--there hadn't been any; it was simply a possibility.

But even the possibility was too much for the corporate moguls of Holiday Inn deciding it could bring negative publicity for the hotel. Being challenged on that decision on the basis of a possible violation of the Illinois Human Rights Act, the Holiday Inn Corporate office did what any conscientious and reasonable international business would do when it comes to Christians. They formally ratified the decision to keep the Christians out.

Now let me reiterate the reason behind their decision. Holiday Inn decided that hosting a wholesome and virtuous, Christian organization could bring negative publicity to the company.

Those who have turned virtue and wholesomeness on its ear--the perverse--decrying the virtuous--are the ones who get their way, discriminating at whim, because of religious affiliation and Holiday Inn bows to them.

In a free market economy the bottom line is pretty straightforward. I am not big on boycotts as they are generally pretty futile and indiscriminate but this is one situation where I can assure you I won't set foot in a Holiday Inn until and unless they change their corporate policy to one of courtesy, not just to the immoral and godless but to the straight and upright as well.


Blogger Matt Sargent said...

I'm with ya - it's good practice for us anyway...if the mark of the beast crops up before God's wrath is poured out, we'll be experiencing a 'reverse boycott' ... :{

7:52 PM  

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