November 28, 2006

Black Friday-Cyber Monday

Well this is it, You know IT! Yes I mean “IT!” Black Friday! The always exciting, always frenetic day of the year immediately after Thanksgiving named for the use of “black ink” on a ledger indicating a profit as opposed to red ink indicating a loss!

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day blitz when stores compete with gimmicks and ads and discounts, oh those sweet discounts, trying to lure you into their establishment of brain washing and immediate gratification.

It’s the first official shopping day of the Christmas—oops sorry—I mean winter holidays when the true spirit of the season--which is to buy a bunch of unnecessary, unwanted and unusable junk—kicks into full gear.

Wal-Mart has already announced that unlike last year, the word Christmas, which was an obscenity last year, is going to be on all employee’s lips, plastered on posters, bangled on banners and printed on packages like never before. Why they are even going to play—get this—“Christmas music!” I’m not even kidding!

Oh glorious miraculous season—has Wal-Mart has converted to Christianity?

Maybe this in response to the fact that they felt the disdain of Christmas loyalists last year?” Maybe this is merely a “money move” to bolster the bottom line. Or maybe this is in response to the fact that Wal-Mart, just a couple months ago decided to partner with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce?

Walmart has never been exclusionary but that wasn’t enough; as a "corporate member" of the NGLCC,this all American retailer has put their approval on the NGLCC's efforts “to abolish the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. A Wal-Mart vice president will serve as an advisor to the NGLCC, helping them promote homosexual marriage.”

Well, Wal-Mart needs to take a look at Ford Motor Company. They did the same thing years ago and look where it has taken them…

So this year when you’re out and about, remember that the loudest, most powerful voice you have is your pocket book or purse. They sure don’t understand ethics morality and decency but they do tend to hear the siren calls of the Almighty Dollar. You want to send a message this year; you know what to do.


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