January 28, 2011

Prosperity Gospel Is Gaining Ground

The longer my book "The Proper Pursuit of Prosperity" remains in production the more I see the glaring need for what I have written. There is a daily assault on the sensibilities of God's people being propped up with false hopes and erroneous expectations of our glorious God and Savior. I see its enticement spreading to where even people who otherwise seem to have their theological heads screwed on straight are seemingly being courted by the siren song of the prosperity god.

The day after Pastor Osteen was on Piers Morgan on CNN, the Tweets began cheering Joel on for his wonderful words shared during the interview.

Dave Ramsey--well known for his wise biblical counsel on how to properly use God's money in getting out of the sin of indebtedness, tweeted:

"Way to go @joelosteen on @piersmorgan CNN tonight. Proud of you my friend."

That same day, Joel Tweeted another wonderfully syrup-laden thought that has no basis in Biblical truth. Joel tweeted:

"God has all kinds of ways to bring your dreams to pass. Just because you can’t see a way, doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have a way."

What I wondered after reading Ramsey's Tweet, as well as several pretty well known Christian leaders who were even more gushy about what Joel had to say, was whether these presumably educated, knowledgeable, Christian workers were just trying to ride Osteen's very popular coattails or whether they are truly so ignorant of the Bible that they honestly believe that Osteen is presenting a biblical of view of life, of God and of "the faith once for all delivered to the saints."

My fervent hope is that it is the first suggestion but I expect that it may actually be the latter. My book is SO needed...


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