January 27, 2011

Joel Appears On CNN with Piers Morgan

Last night Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria were on CNN being pelted with questions by Piers Morgan. It was a lengthy interview and I admire the way Pastor Osteen is able to stay so placid. It was however nearly classic Osteenesque evasion, brown sugar and marshmallow fluff.

If he said "I don't know" once he said it ten times during the course of the interview. The tweets that followed affirmed the loving way in which he handled himself. One tweet even mentioned Joel's "I don't knows" applauding the fact that he doesn't claim to know everything.

I understand the kudos however most of the numerous questions to which Pastor Osteen responded had answers that were neither difficult nor covert in Scripture. So when one considers that he pastors the largest church in America, with 30,000 people relying on him for answers to the most important questions in life, and that his books have sold over 20 million copies, one should appropriately have a higher expectation than an endless stream of "I don't know." That quickly veers away from humility to incompetence.

The highlight of the interview showing some growth on Joel's part is when questioned about homosexuality, he actually used the "S" word! He called it sin and that the Bible was clear on that. Congratulations Joel, you just stuck your toe into the pool of pastoral honesty.

Unfortunately he didn't linger there moving quickly with Victoria's help to reassure everyone that he wasn't being judgmental--God forbid. But that is for another entry…


Blogger groovyoldlady said...

I had an unbelieving (as in someone who is left of the Left) online acquaintance who saw the interview. Her only beef with the whole presentation was that he singled out homosexuality.

To me, that says VOLUMES about who he is and who his "followers" are. Negative volumes!

3:41 PM  

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